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The thesis is the crown of the work after many years of study. Therefore, it is a good idea to have professional proofreading done on the thesis. With a thorough thesis proof, you avoid the language dragging the character down. On the contrary, you make the language a strength that can pull the character up.

We have skilled reviewers associated with the company. Their backgrounds are different, but we only use academically trained reviewers who are familiar with scientific assignment writing and academic proofing experts. Read more about the reviewers here.

At Task Correction, we offer the market’s lowest price for proofreading of theses. If your thesis is in English abstract, we would like to correct the abstract without any supplement. And you only have to pay for the review once you have approved the reviewer’s work. This pricing model means that we deliver high quality in the special proofing – every time.

Free trial proof

You also have the opportunity to assess the quality before ordering the proof of the thesis. We offer free and non-binding proof of proof.

Send us a summary of 1-2 pages of your thesis. Then we correct the excerpt and send it back to you with visible corrections so that you can self-assess the quality of the proofreading before placing any order.

Read more about sample proofing here.

You have the option of sending the entire thesis for proofreading at once. But we also like to make an agreement on continuous proofreading, where we correct the thesis as it is written. The price is the same.

Price of proofreading of thesis

At Task Correction we offer the market’s clearly lowest price for proofreading of theses. The price is calculated according to the number of standard pages, and it is the same whether it is an English thesis.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to hear more about prices or receive a good offer for proofreading your thesis.

Proofreading of thesis in English

More and more theses are written in English, so we naturally also read proofs of English theses. We have experienced and skilled reviewers associated with thesis proofreading in English. All people who are fluent in English writing language to perfection, who have English as their mother tongue, and who know everything about academic writing and assignment techniques. We guarantee that they go to the correct assignment with thoroughness and professionalism.

It is important that the language of an English thesis appears correct, fluent and accurate. It can be a challenge when you do not have English as your native language. Although one is good at formulating in English, in most English assignments there will be traces of syntax and spelling.

The correction removes ALL errors in your English thesis, so the language is transformed from German-English to perfect English. And you decide for yourself whether the thesis should be directed to a British English or American English language standard. Our English reviewers are fluent in both languages.

The language does something about the character

The language must ALWAYS be included in the assessment of a thesis. It says in various exam regulations and curricula.

 § 26. In assessing the bachelor’s project, master’s thesis, master’s project and other major written assignments, in addition to the academic content, emphasis must also be placed on the student’s spelling and wording ability.

We therefore dare to say that our proofreading in many cases helps the student to achieve a higher grade in the thesis. At least we can say with certainty that thesis proof means that language is not an aspect that negatively affects the grade. If your thesis is written in the correct language and if the language appears clear and coherent, the censor can never use the language as an argument for a lower grade.

Our reviewers are skilled and specialize in academic review. In the process leading up to a proofreading agreement for Task Correction, the candidates undergo a series of tests so that we get a clear picture of whether they

We receive many unsolicited applications on an ongoing basis, which is why we can allow ourselves to focus on the most competent. They begin their work at Task Correction with the direction of smaller assignments, which are always double checked by Jan before the proofreaders in time conduct the academic proof alone – also of longer assignments such as theses and dissertations.

Study assignments are texts with special requirements for uniqueness, precision and scientific use of the language. This must be taken into account in the task correction.


The correction is made in Word using the program’s correction function. It is a feature that records and marks the corrections that are made so that you can go through them when you get the thesis back.

In most theses we read proofreading, there are between 20 and 30 errors per day. page. It sounds like a lot, but is perfectly normal. The proofreader is trained to identify all errors, including the very small ones, and therefore the number runs out.

For insight into the review process and the bugs that are being fixed, you can click past the page here.

As a reviewer, in some cases it may be doubted whether a correction of, for example, a word will change the meaning of the sentence in question. In those cases, the reviewer will write a comment in the margin that you can relate to. It may also be that the reviewer writes a comment if, for example, he / she assesses that documentation is missing in a paragraph.

Of course, you decide whether you want to follow the reviewer’s suggestion.

When the thesis proofing is complete, you get the assignment back in two editions. In one, you can see all the corrections that have been made. Then you can review the fixes one by one and approve them on an ongoing basis. If, after a few pages of review, you are comfortable with the review, you can accept all the corrections at once.

In the second edition, all the corrections are implemented in the thesis. In this edition, therefore, you cannot see where there are errors or how the errors have been corrected. But ALL mistakes have been corrected and the language has received a significant boost.

If you want to read proofs of your thesis yourself, you can download 5 great tips here. If you need help with the commutation, we have written a guide to the commutation rules here.

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