PhD dissertations are assignments at the highest academic and scientific level. Our company offers professional proofreading of your PhD thesis in English at the lowest price on the market. We also like to read proofs of the scientific articles that are part of a PhD course.

Our reviewers have a linguistic, higher education and extensive experience in proofreading. We do not use students for proofreading, nor by a PhD. We give priority to education, experience and solid knowledge of academic and scientific assignment writing – especially when it comes to proofreading of doctoral dissertations, which are assignments at a high academic level written in a specialized academic language.

We correct both in Word and in LaTex, and we correct both doctoral dissertations written in English (British or American English at the customer’s request).

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There are specialists in academic proofreading, and we also read proofreading of theses, bachelor’s theses, master’s projects and all other scientific assignments.

Forms of PhD proofing

The need for proofreading in a PhD thesis may vary from thesis to thesis. On our website you can therefore choose between the Proof Basis and Proof Plus.

With Correction Basis, your PhD is corrected. for ALL formal errors. These are errors like spelling errors, inflection errors, punctuation errors, typos, congruency errors and grammatical errors.

Correction Plus corrects your PhD. for ALL errors. In addition to the basic correction, the reviewer will continuously assess the language’s clarity and precision and tighten up if needed. A plus correction is often not a correction of incorrect language. These are light language adaptations that make the language more accurate and therefore better.

The proofreader never changes the content. If we consider that a sentence or passage is unclear, but have doubts as to whether any adjustment will change the content, we will always write a comment in the assignment so that the customer can make a decision.

Conservative PhD review

We do PhD dissertations in both English and German.

In dissertations, we proofread in accordance with the rules of writing from the Language Board. In legal writing, there is a wealth of freedom of choice, and we have, as a general principle of proofing, that by choice we choose the original rule.

An example of such freedom of choice is the spelling of the word within, where it is optional, whether the word, when it appears as a preposition in front of a board, should be written in one or two words. Here we choose the original rule, namely that the word is written in two words, eg Check of subject-specific terms are within the scope of academic proofing.

Another example is the spelling of a word as a resource, where today it is optional whether the word is spelled resource or resource. We choose to use the spelling resource by default.

A third example is a comma in front of a companion, ie a comma. It is nowadays optional whether or not to put a comma. We choose to put the comma since this rule is in line with the traditional grammatical comma.

PhD theses in English

Many PhD dissertations are written in English. It is our experience that most PhD students are accustomed to formulate themselves in writing in English, but when one does not have English as their mother tongue, there is no avoiding errors in the language.

The English reviewers are experienced proofreaders, and they have either a university degree in English or English as their mother tongue. We do doctoral dissertations in both British English and American English.

Transparency in the PhD review

It is crucial for us that there is full transparency in the proofing product we provide. Therefore, all the corrections the reviewer adds to the PhD thesis are visible in the document.

We always correct in Word with the review feature enabled. The feature is officially called ‘Record Changes’ and when enabled, all changes in the document are highlighted. The corrections made by the reviewer are made visible – regardless of whether there is a space added to the text, a comma being removed, a change in spelling or whole words that are deleted and replaced by others.

Along with the corrections, we add comments in the margin with messages to the customer, for example about redundant language use, suggestions for alternative wording, suggestions for an addition, information about unclear language that has not been corrected for the content, etc.

You can review the corrections and comments from start to finish and accept the corrections one by one. The correction is thorough, and it can therefore be a time-consuming task to go through all the corrections. But we recommend that you set aside time for the work before handing in the assignment.

However, many people check the proofing for the first 10-20 pages, after which they at once accept the corrections on the remaining pages. You can do this well if you are comfortable with the proof, because we never make corrections that change the content – only corrections that improve the language.

When you get the assignment back, we also send you a version of the text where all the corrections are accepted.

Free trial proof of PhD thesis

If you are unsure whether to choose Proof Basis or Proof Plus, you are most welcome to take advantage of the free trial proof offer.

Send a few pages of your PhD to us, then we come up with a recommendation.

Of course, you are also welcome to receive a free trial proof if you want to check the quality of our proofreading service, or if you are completely uncertain whether it may be appropriate for you to have professional proofreading of your PhD dissertation.

The proofreading will also allow us to assess the need for proofing in your PhD dissertation, so that we may. can give you a favorable quote on the review. Of course, if the need for proofing is limited, we can offer a lower price than our normal prices.

Trial proofing is free and non-binding. Go to sample proofing page.

Ongoing proofreading

For longer assignments, we often find that the customer wants the assignment to be proofread as the assignment is written. It is a service we like to provide, and it can be particularly relevant to a PhD dissertation with a long-term writing process.

Contact us for a regular review appointment. We are very flexible.

Payment of PhD proof

If the institution to which you are affiliated pays for the review, invoicing can be done electronically. We just need information about the institution’s EAN number.

Alternatively, the payment is made by sending an invoice to the customer with eight days’ payment deadline. This gives the customer plenty of time to review before the payment is made.

We are confident that the customer pays, and we are confident in the quality we deliver ourselves. That is why we – like many other agencies – do not charge in advance.


We are very aware that PhD dissertations and other academic assignments must be treated safely and confidentially.

At Task Correction, all inquiries, all oral and written communication and all tasks that are exchanged between the customer and Task Correction are treated with full confidentiality and confidentiality.

Only the owner of our website and the selected reviewer have access to the thesis and personal information about the customer. The proofreader has signed a binding agreement on confidentiality and confidential treatment of the PhD thesis being read.

All personal data and documents relating to a specific order are permanently deleted, within 3 weeks of the end of the customer relationship.