With proofreading of your bachelor, the language becomes a positive contribution to the overall picture that the examiner forms of the assignment. The language must always be included in the assessment. A professional review of your undergraduate project ensures that the language does not negatively affect the grade. On the contrary, a good and fluent academic language can pull up the grade.

With proofreading of your bachelor, all the misspellings and grammatical errors of the assignment will be corrected. If you choose the proof form called Proof Plus, we will correct – in addition to the formal errors – linguistic ambiguities and poor formulations. It raises language yet another level.

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Prices for proof of bachelor project

We offer students Denmark’s cheapest bachelor’s degree. Our rates are aligned with the financial reality of SU students.

The price difference on Proof of Basis and Proof Plus covers that Proof Plus – in addition to correcting all the formal errors in the bachelor thesis – also corrects obscure and imprecise language. With Proof Plus you get a proof form that makes your language more professional because it becomes more clear and precise.

Professional reviewers

On our website it is a professional reviewer who corrects your bachelor thesis so that it is flawless from a to z.

Our reviewers have different backgrounds, such as journalist, correspondent and copywriter. We also have certified reviewers associated with the company.

Although the reviewers have different professional backgrounds, we cannot always find a reviewer who has a specialized knowledge of the specific content of the bachelor thesis. That would require that we had a very large number of students from different faculties and subjects available as freelance reviewers.

We do not want that. For us, it is imperative that the reviewer is fully trained and has professional experience working with languages and texts. It is part of our quality assurance.

On the page here – based on a specific excerpt of a bachelor thesis – you can see what kind of errors the proofreading will typically correct.

Great undergraduate experience!

The language and the character

It doesn’t matter if the language of an undergraduate thesis is good or bad. Language is a central element of the overall impression that the censor creates by the bachelor. In the Executive Order on Examinations, eg for business-oriented higher education, and in various curricula, language is always mentioned as something to be included in the evaluation of the bachelor.

First and foremost, the language must be legible and make sense. But that’s not done with it. In a bachelor thesis you have to write scientifically. A task is, in principle, a small piece of science. Scientific writing means the following:

That the writer in the language expresses an awareness of the methods and concepts of the assignment, and one must be able to explain the concepts and methods used to investigate a given case.

That the writer has mastered and uses the subject terminology related to the field of study of the assignment. Subject concepts are good because they express a given meaning very accurately.

That the writer demonstrates a certainty in academic modes of presentation, analysis, assessment and discussion.

With a correct, well-formulated and academic language, you already have a head start in the examiner’s assessment of the assignment.

Help writing the undergraduate thesis?

We are regularly asked if we can help write the bachelor. This is typically the case in cases where a student works alone with the bachelor’s thesis, and where it struggles with time and overview.

Unfortunately, we have to decline to help write the bachelor. It is illegal, and it is outside the area we are moving into, namely the language optimization of academic texts.

We help lift the language several levels so that the language becomes a co-factor in the assessment of the task. That’s what we do. And that kind of help is perfectly legal.

What can you do to fix the task yourself?

While there are many things you can do yourself, there are many who prefer to get a professional proofreader to direct the bachelor project.

But if you have the courage to do that, you can of course do a lot yourself to give the language a boost. We have written five tips on how to fix the task yourself and what to pay special attention to. If it is a specific linguistic challenge, namely the commutation you are struggling with, you should be familiar with the comma rules that can remove 80% of the comma errors in your assignment.

At Task Correction, we are very much into data security.

Our customers need to feel 100% confident that the tasks they send us are handled professionally so that they do not get into the hands of a third man or are caught by plagiarism because it has been in our systems before.

Our website is SSL secured. You can see that on the padlock icon in the address bar. The SLL certificate means that all data sent from the website is encrypted and secured against theft. The servers we use comply with all GDPR regulations.

Internally, we have very strict procedures for how we handle clients’ tasks. Our reviewers sign a declaration of confidentiality in which they undertake to process assignments in accordance with the guidelines we issue.

We delete all content within three weeks of the end of a customer relationship.

You can read much more about how we secure your assignment and how we secure your anonymity on the personal data page.

Book a time to proofread your bachelor

Task proofing is seasonal work. It is typically towards the end of a semester that the demand for proofing is greatest.

We have a large capacity, but if you want to be sure that we can read proofs for your bachelor thesis, you can advantageously book a time for proofreading.

Booking a time for proofing is very simple. In the form, enter the language of the task, its expected length, and the expected date for uploading the task for proofreading. Then we make sure there is a professional reviewer ready to give the language of your bachelor a significant boost that raises the overall level of the assignment.

Of course, you can also book time for proofreading theses and all other study-related assignments.